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DNA testing


The time had come, we took Fido and Nola to the vet to take a swab for the DNA testing. Since this was my first time, I thought it was a bit exciting, but it wasn't really a big deal.

There are several laboratories where you can have DNA tests carried out, so it took some time to find a suitable laboratory. Ultimately, I found a lab where they performed all the DNA tests I wanted to do, so I didn't have to send a separate test abroad. After ordering the set, we had to wait for it to arrive.

Everything is new

You might not say it, because I am trained as a veterinary nurse, but I have never seen or taken a DNA test. Even though I learned how it works in theory, I naturally found it super interesting to see in real life. There's a first time for everything!

Appointment in corona time...

"These are the little things, you just have to think about them."

The DNA tests must be administered by a specialist, for example a veterinarian. I made an appointment with my own vet. But taking two dogs to the vet for a DNA test sounds easier than it is. Nola can sometimes lick Fido's mouth, and to avoid mixing DNA, I kept them apart during the morning. Those are the little things, you just have to think about.

So the dogs also went into the car separately. That wasn't really a problem. When Fido was younger, he always sat in the front seat, in the seat belt. So he didn't mind sitting in the front for a change, while Nola sat in the back.

When I arrived at the vet, I first took Nola inside. Only one was allowed in with the dogs, so I brought my mother along to stay with the dog who had to wait in the car. I was very happy with that, because I had to wait a long time. There was an emergency at the vet. There I sat, waiting in the waiting room, with my face mask on... Nola was a bit impressed by the other dogs in the waiting room, so she sat safely on my lap.

this is what the DNA test kit looks like

In the consultation room

"This is the first time I am taking a DNA test"

I enter the consultation room with Nola and the first thing the vet says is "This is the first time I'm taking a DNA test". It is not surprising that I have no experience with it, as my veterinarian, who has been working at this clinic for over 30 years, has never even take a DNA test before. So you see, you always keep learning.

Collecting the DNA material was actually less work than the entire administration that came with it. Fill out forms, sign signatures, print stickers. Fortunately, I had already filled out most of the information in advance. Taking the DNA was done in no time and it was Fido's turn. Fido is not a fan of the vet, but luckily everything went fine and I was able to go home with a stack of forms and the DNA swabs. Oh yes, the dogs, of course they came along too!

And then wait...

The package has been sent, and then I had to wait for the results. That could take a while, and what was even more nerve-wracking was that they came in one by one. So not everything at the same time. The results have now been received and you can see them on the dogs' own pages on my website.

A new experience richer, and one step closer to my dream of starting my own English Cocker Spaniel kennel!


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