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What a year!

All the puppies have flown the nest. Time to look back on a period of preparation, love, and passion, and a period with laughter and tears.

"I got infected with the cockervirus."

I didn't always have the intention to breed. When we got Fido, it was mainly because we liked the breed and saw that it would fit well with us. The real love for the breed only started when Fido was already there. I got infected with the cocker virus, as many of you will recognize. I was searching for what I wanted in my life, what gave me pleasure: searching for my passion. I still remember being in a conversation with someone about her work and how she talked about her business in such a special way. So warm, loving, and full of fire and passion. She told me something that really made me think. She said, "Dear Rianne, the way I talk about my work, I hear you talk about Fido and about dogs." It was the first time I realized that my passion lies with dogs.

Tme to do some research.

In the following period, I did a lot of research. I took out my study materials, among other things. During my education, I had to write a fictional breeding plan. I then had contact with a breeder of Swiss White Shepherds. A completely different breed, but I learned a lot from it. But when I looked at that breeding plan, I quickly noticed that there was a lot of important information missing. Secretly, I'm a bit of a study nerd, so I started writing my own plan. I didn't know if it would ever be executed, but I found it incredibly fun and educational to do.

"I quickly noticed that there was a lot of omportant information missing."

I think almost a year of preparation went into it before we decided to purchase a cocker spaniel bitch in 2020. A female that, as far as could be seen (and as far as my knowledge was at that time), would fit with Fido. Fortunately, we didn't have to search for long when Nola came into our lives, a beautiful black and tan puppy.

A first time for everything.

The period of having a litter is something I had been looking forward to for a long time, but also something I was very apprehensive about. On the one hand, because it's naturally new and unknown. You still have to learn all the new things, and despite good preparation, I didn't know how it would be, if I would be able to guide everything well enough. Additionally, I was mostly worried about my energy level. Two years ago, I was still at home with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. This was a tough period, and I am very proud and grateful that I have overcome it. Despite having much more energy now and being back to work after a few years at home, some things still cost me more energy than they would for others. But fear is a poor advisor, and something like that shouldn't stop me from realizing my dream. Luckily I didn't have to do it all alone.

The day of the birth.

dad Fido is watching the birth

Friday, December 16th. Koen is away for the weekend on the dutch island Texel. Normally, Nola and I would also go, but Nola is in the last week of her pregnancy, so we have our own girls' weekend at home. It's nice for Fido to have all the attention for now and to run on the beach. Everything is ready at home for the birth. By taking Nola's temperature in the period before the due date, I knew exactly when the birth would be. Sunday, Koen and Fido would come home again, and in the morning, I already noticed that Nola would give birth that day. When her water broke while I was sitting on the couch with her in the evening, I immediately called my friend Loes, who lives on the other side of the village. Funny enough, Koen and she arrived at our house at the same time. Within two hours, Nola had given birth to 6 beautiful puppies. I was so incredibly proud of my girl.

"And then the weeks fly by, and before you know it, the first puppies are already going to their forever homes."

The period that followed was a rollercoaster of emotions, but above all, a period that gave me a lot of energy and also cost me a lot of energy. First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful that dear Loes contributed so much to raising the puppies in the first weeks. In the first week, we took turns sleeping with the puppies, and she spent many hours watching over them so that I could continue working. As the puppies got older, they grew faster (both literally and in development), and they became more active. Every day, we enjoyed them more. And then the weeks fly by, and before you know it, the first puppies are already going to their forever homes. Each and every one of them is a great, lovely person who can now enjoy their friend for life.

Kennelnaam Raad van beheer, fokker, engelse cocker spaniël kennel ad vitam amicus

1 year of AVA cockers!

Today is April 1st, 2023, and "Ad Vitam Amicus" is exactly one year old. What a beautiful and intensive period this has been. From a long preparation, from heat and mating to birth, the puppies growing up, and flying the nest. I cried, I laughed, I cursed, I enjoyed intensely, and above all, I learned a lot. I am proud. Now it's time to rest and reflect. This was, in any case, an incredibly beautiful experience that I never wanted to miss. And I hope that many more experiences like this will come.

Do you want to see all the puppy photos from our first litter? Click here or visit our Instagram or Facebook page "Ad Vitam Amicus" - a friend for life.

Ad Vitam Amicus - a friend for life


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