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Nola is pregnant!

After a few weeks of patient waiting, the pregnancy ultrasound is finally scheduled for today. I am extremely curious about the result.

English cocker spaniel, heat, heat pants, dog underwear

To the vet.

To avoid stress at the vet, I shaved Nola's belly in advance. Shaving her belly is necessary so that the ultrasound device can make good contact with the skin, otherwise little will be visible through the fur. The vet often shaves this himself, but since a vet visit normally involves enough stress, this was a great way to ensure that Nola was as comfortable as possible.

I didn't go to the vet alone, my friend Loes went with me. We left well in time, so that Nola could sniff around and possibly poop or pee before we entered a busy waiting room. Luckily I had brought extra tasty cookies, so Nola did great in the waiting room.

The pregnancy ultrasound.

A7 North Veterinarians gestations, Veterinarian, English cocker spaniel
Contact gel on Nola's belly.

We are called by the vet. Nola can lie on her back on a nice pillow. I was still afraid that I had not shaved enough on her belly, but the vet said it was just right.

The vet puts the gel on her stomach and places the ultrasound machine on it. While the vet asks questions about the male and the mating, she starts looking for puppies. I talk about Fido and the mating and suddenly she stops me and says: "This is already one". She shows me where she sees the puppy on the ultrasound. She also shows healthy beating hearts in the puppies. The vet has seen several puppies, but the exact number is difficult to count during an ultrasound. That's why I'm keeping the number to myself for a while and we will have an x-ray taken later to determine the exact number. I will put a photo of the ultrasound below, so that you can enjoy it.

What a wonderful experience, I almost can't believe it, I'm over the moon!

We expect Nola to have her first litter of puppies in December.

Updates of the expected litter will now be placed here

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The ultrasound, here you see one of Nola's puppies.


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