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Who are we?

We are Koen and Rianne, together we are the owners of Ad Vitam Amicus. We have been together since 2016 and we both grew up with dogs. Therefore it was not surprising that we also wanted a dog together. In December 2018, Fido, a liver and tan male, came to live with us. From that moment on we fell 100% in love with the breed.


The passion for the English Cocker Spaniel started to grow and we started looking for a puppy that would go well with Fido. A female, with whom we could possibly breed a litter in the future. In October 2020, Nola, a black and tan female, came to live with us.


We bred our first litter of puppies in the fall of 2022. This was truly a dream come true and also very special to do together. During the process we could clearly see that we complement each other in our qualities. It is very valuable to see “our” puppies grow up into beautiful, stable dogs.


2023 is the year of changes. We got married in the spring of 2023 and in the autumn of 2023 we moved from the Netherlands to Sweden. This is quite a step, but in Sweden we will continue breeding with Ad Vitam Amicus.

Koen and Rianne with Fido and Nola

Diplomas Rianne

Animal management

Nordwin College, Leeuwarden

the Netherlands


Paraveterinary - veterinary assistant

Nordwin College, Leeuwarden

the Netherlands


Animal keeper

Aeres College, Leeuwarden

the Netherlands


Ad Vitam Amicus

Rianne and Koen

Ad Vitam Amicus – a friend for life


We love our dogs and occasionally breed a litter of puppies with the greatest care. Welcoming a puppy is not an easy task and requires a lot of preparation. Of course we wish all our puppies a warm and lovely forever home, where they can stay from puppyhood until old age. That is what Ad Vitam Amicus stands for. Ad Vitam Amcius means “a friend for life”. That is why we would like to get to know you better first, so that we know in advance where our puppies will end up and which puppy would be the most suitable match for you.


We breed show line English cocker spaniels with a preference for all variations with tan. Our greatest priority is to breed healthy puppies with a good character, which are suitable as a family dog.

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