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English Cocker Spaniel 


Males 39 - 41 cm, females 38 - 40 cm



11-14 kg





Breed group

Breed group 8: 'Retrievers, Spaniels and Water Dogs'



Medium length, shiny and silky

Combing / brushing

2 - 4 times a week


4 - 6 times a year



The English Cocker Spaniel is one of the oldest dog breeds. The first written record of an English Cocker Spaniel dates back to 948.


The English Cocker Spaniel was first spoken of in England in the 18th century. They were ideal dogs for woodcock hunting because of their perfect size and thick coat. The English Cocker Spaniel was not held back by thorn bushes and dense vegetation; Due to their size, they could maneuver through anything. Due to his courageous hunting passion, which regularly caused injuries to their tails, they were docked at the time. This was then included in the breed standard.


In the 19th century, Spaniels were divided into large Spaniels (Field Spaniel) and small Spaniels (Cocker Spaniel). This distribution was related to the weight of the dog. Above 25 English pounds the dog was classified as the Field Spaniel and below that weight as the Cocker Spaniel.

In the second part of the 19th century, a breeding program was started that led to the modern-day English Cocker Spaniel. In England, the first English Cocker Spaniel Association was founded in 1885.




Original use

The English Cocker Spaniel was originally bred for hunting waterfowl. The cocker owes its name to the woodcock, which the English cocker spaniel often hunted. The English Cocker Spaniel has now grown into an excellent house dog.


A distinction is made between show line and working line Cockers. The English Cocker Spaniel that we regulary talk about is often the show line cocker. The working line is mostly called “working cocker spaniel”.


Although the dogs are well integrated as a family dog, a cocker is still a hunting dog in nature and will often follow its nose in search of a trail. You will also have to take this into account when choosing an English Cocker Spaniel. Although dogs are easy to train, a dog's nature cannot be changed. A hunting dog always remains a hunting dog.


working cocker spaniel with a pheasant

photo: @lifeashegelund (instagram)


The cocker is generally known for its always wagging tail. A cocker is a real family dog. They are friendly, affectionate, loyal and energetic dogs with a great “will to please”. The cocker, on the other hand, is a sensitive dog and will need to be trained with a gentle but consistent hand. Cockers can also be very curious, stubborn and mischievous. With his soft, friendly look he can literally wrap people around his finger.

Coat care

The cocker has a medium-length, silky coat. This coat must be brushed several times a week to prevent matting. On average, a cocker needs to be extensively combed or brushed 2-4 times a week. Extra attention should be paid to areas behind the ears, under the armpits and the hind legs, where tangles are more likely to form.

A cocker has to go to the grooming salon approximately every 3 months (4 - 6 times a year), where its coat is handstripped and cut into shape.


If you would like more information about the coat care of the English Cocker Spaniel, feel free to contact us here.



The English Cocker Spaniel comes in 18 different colors, according to the FCI breed standard. We make a distinction between single-colour, multi-colour and fungi. In addition to the color varieties below, there is also "sable". Sable is a color that is not included in the breed standard, but is still more common in the Netherlands. The hairs of the coat have a (light) brown base and a black tip. Sable can occur with or without tan. 

The images below are examples. Different color variants may actually differ in color and pattern.

English cocker spaniel blue roan black roan blueroan
English cocker spaniel blue roan and tan blueroan black roan and tan tricolor particolor multicolor

blue roan

blue roan and tan

English cocker spaniel liver roan liverroan brown chocolate roan
English cocker spaniel spaniel liver roan and tan liver roan multicolor particolour tricolor liver roan

liver roan

liver roan and tan

English cocker spaniel orange roan red roan orangeroan redroan

orange roan

English cocker spaniel lemon roan lemonroan gold roan goldroan

lemon roan

english cocker spaniel black
English cocker spaniel black and tan


black and tan

English cocker spaniel liver chocolate brown
English cocker spaniel liver and tan


liver and tan

English cocker spaniel red orange gold


English cocker spaniel red orange gold


English cocker spaniel black and white
English cocker spaniel black white and tan particolour particolor tricolor tricolour

black and white

black, white and tan

English cocker spaniel liver white
English cocker spaniel liver white and tan tricolor particolour multicolor particolor

liver and white

liver, white and tan

English cocker spaniel orange white / red and white

orange and white

English cocker spaniel lemon white

lemon and white

Solid colours
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