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A puppy from our kennel

“Ad Vitam Amicus” means a friend for life. We are committed to find a loving forever home for each of our puppies, where they can experience a lifetime of happiness and love. We raise our puppies with the greatest care and attention and of course we want them to end up well.

Puppy Nola


We do not work with a traditional waiting list, but with a slightly modified puppy list. This means that we assign a puppy to the person we believe is the best match for a particular pup. Of course, we also take into account that the person who contacts us first may be considered earlier for a puppy if suitability is similar. Registering for the list does not guarantee a puppy. People on the puppy list will be kept informed of upcoming breeding plans.

We always reserve the right to refuse you a puppy, just as you have the right not to purchase a puppy from us. Until all forms have been signed, a puppy always remains our property.


You may have decided to bring an English Cocker Spaniel puppy into your home. If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel and would like to be placed on our puppy list, we would appreciate receiving a detailed email in which you tell us more about yourself, your living and work situation, and your experience with dogs. You can also indicate if you have any preferences for a puppy, such as gender or color.


When a litter of puppies is on the way, we would like to meet with you through a conversation. You will then receive an email with more information about the planned litter and a link to schedule a meeting. This can be done over the phone, via video call, or by visiting in person. This way, we can get to know you better, and you can also ask us any questions you may have.

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